Urgent Care Birmingham AL Almost Like House Calls

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Some of us old people remember a time when most, maybe almost all, doctors made house calls.  Those times were considered very convenient for patients, though it presented doctors with some problems, especially in getting to patients who lived far from town.  It so limited the ability of the doctors to provide medical assistance to patients that house calls gradually became unpopular.  Most physicians today practice out of clinics, hospitals, medical centers, and urgent care centers.  Actually, the centers providing urgent care Birmingham AL are relatively new to the scene.  When most doctors turned away from doing house calls, they transferred mostly to hospitals, medical centers, and private clinics.  Many of these physicians also turned to one of many medical specializations available now.

But as cities grew, and the emergency wards of hospitals and medical centers became too crowded; people found that they needed to find a way to get fast medical attention for some conditions which were not life-threatening.  People realized that some of the conditions they needed urgent medical care for do not merit a trip to a hospital emergency room – it was just too costly and the long lines of people waiting to see a doctor meant it took too much of their time.  It was about that time when the concept of urgent care centers was born.  Soon urgent care in Birmingham AL became widely accepted.

Urgent care centers provided an upgraded version of the service that doctors making house calls used to offer.  Most of the physicians on urgent care centers are family physicians, so they can serve almost all types of patients.  But urgent care centers have x-ray machines, and many other diagnostic pieces of equipment no physician can carry in a black bag.  Some urgent care clinics also offer Birmingham pediatrics services.  What is even more attractive to patients is that urgent care costs less than a visit to an emergency room, or asking a doctor to make a house call.  Some urgent care providers have a Birmingham pediatrics and wellness section, which allow them to cover almost all your medical needs outside of life-threatening emergencies, including gene annotation in bioinformatics.

Unless you are faced with a life-threatening emergency, an urgent care clinic will provide the fastest and most affordable solution to your medical problem.

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